Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment At Modern Nissan of Lake Norman

You drive your car, truck, or SUV with the usual appointments in the back of your mind, knowing that you need an oil change every few thousand miles and ensuring that your gas gauge is not too low, but what about your wheels? Our staff wants you to know that when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, how the alignment is plays an important role, which is why we provide this service for front- or four-wheel drive vehicles right here at our service center. Does your car need this service? An easy way to tell is if you notice your vehicle travels to the left or right side rather than straight. If this happens, you need to have your alignment looked at.

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When you drive, there's more going on than just an engine functioning to propel the vehicle forward, brakes to slow or stop it, and gas to fuel it, because the wheels do more than allow the car to move. When you have proper wheel alignment, you can enjoy such benefits as:

  • Improved traction in inclement weather
  • Increase in the lifespan of your tires by reducing uneven wear
  • Improving fuel economy

We consider wheel alignments a necessary action to save you money in the long run by preventing damage and of course to help your drive feel smoother. At our dealership our staff of trained technicians are ready to offer you the Modern experience with care given to each individual service need.

At Modern Nissan of Lake Norman we do more than provide our Statesville and Gastonia area customers with a new or used vehicle. Keeping those vehicles in the best shape possible is an important factor in having your car around for longer, which involves routine maintenance. Contact us today for a questions regarding these recommended services and ask us when your model's recommended alignment date is.