What's That Light?

We urge you not to panic. Your check engine light may not be such cause for a mid-drive freak out because there are many reasons why that light may appear on the dashboard of your new car. So what should our Statesville and Gastonia area customers do if you notice one of these lights appear while out for a drive? Well, it depends greatly on what your vehicle is trying to tell you.

Is Your Warning Light Flashing?

Flashing lights tend to warn us of an immediate need for attention, so your vehicle is no different. The general rule of thumb is to pull over when it is safe to do so and contact our service department to discuss possible reasons for the warning. It could be any number of things, but only our service team can say for certain how to proceed in the event of this situation. Also important to note is the color of the light, because usually more leeway is available with a yellow light versus a red one.

Make an Inquiry

What To Do If the Light Is Not Flashing

If you notice your light comes on but doesn't flash, there are a number of less serious issues that is easily taken care of with a service appointment and typically indicates routine maintenance or a minor issue. These include:

In your owner's manual you should be able to locate a symbol guide to see what the light might indicate for you, but always contact our team just to be safe. The light could indicate a minor service need or a major repair.

Always exercise caution when it comes to your vehicle's engine, because that seemingly unimportant service visit may compound with other issues and create a real problem. At Modern Nissan of Lake Norman we know that your vehicle is important to you, which is why we don't want you to take any chances with its health. For Modern service you can trust, visit our dealership and let us help ease your worries and get you back on the road in no time.