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Nissan Sentra vs. the Toyota Corolla & Honda Civic

Sedan options are vast and plentiful. We understand the many choices people have, and at Modern Nissan of Lake Norman, we do our part to helpĀ people make the decision that is right for them. Of course, in the entry-level sedan market, there's really only one decision that stands out: the Nissan Sentra.

To see the many advantages of the vehicle, just check out some of the features the Sentra has that models like the Civic and Corolla don't.

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Nissan Sentra vs. Toyota Corolla in Lake Norman & Cornelius

There are plenty of small cars out there, and in terms of popularity, the new Corolla is a commonly seen sedan on the road. But is it the best? Not when you're comparing it to the new Nissan Sentra, which starts off at a considerably lower price than the new Corolla. You'll also find the new Sentra is slightly more spacious inside, making the most of its compact cabin. See below what you can expect to find when comparing the new Nissan Sentra to the latest edition of the Toyota Corolla.

  • The Sentra has truck, hatch, door, and tailgate auto controls for your convenience.
  • The Sentra offers an available Bose audio system, which delivers clean, crisp sound, while the Corolla is lacking in the audio department.
  • The Sentra also has more cargo volume, interior legroom, and space than the Corolla.
  • For keeping your tires properly inflated, the Sentra offers a Nissan-exclusive feature that beeps when you hit the right pressure. In cars like the Corolla, you'll either need a pressure gauge or estimate it on your own.
  • At $16,990 MSRP, the Sentra also has a lower starting price than the Corolla.

Nissan Sentra vs. Honda Civic in Lake Norman & Cornelius

If you spend any amount of time research compact sedans, the new Honda Civic is going to be a popular name. But just because it has name recognition doesn't mean it bests the Sentra, and as you can see, Nissan's small sedan has plenty going for it. Once again, the Sentra proves to be a better value with a lower starting price and cost-effective trim level and feature upgrades, whereas the Civic can end up costing you quite a bit. The Sentra also has other advantages worth considering, so see more with this comparison, then visit us today to get started.

  • The Sentra also comes in at a lower price point than the Civic.
  • The overall cabin setup in the Sentra is designed to better accommodate passengers and cargo, large and small, when compared to the Civic.
  • If you want even more space, there's an overhead console storage in the Sentra, not found on the Civic.
  • The Easy-Fill Tire Alert system in the Sentra makes it far easier to keep your tires properly inflated, instead of just waiting for service visits or eyeballing it for a Civic.
  • There are also standard LED brake lights on the Sentra, a feature not found on the Civic.