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Compare the Rogue to the CR-V and RAV4

Are you searching for a crossover that defies the norm and is stylish as well as spacious? The Nissan Rogue is your model, proving that you can have the best of both worlds. With Bluetooth capabilities, eight-way power driver's seat, and so much more, Lake Norman and Charlotte customers will find the Rogue to be a great fit. Be sure to visit us at Modern Nissan of Lake Norman when you are ready for a test drive, and be sure to browse our full inventory of new Nissan models for an idea of what else is available to you.

Below we have put together a quick comparison between the Rogue and its two closest competitors to give you an idea of what it has to offer you, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask.

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2018 Nissan Rogue vs. 2018 Honda CR-V Comparison Near Lake Norman, NC

When considering a small crossover for your everyday travels, you'll hear a lot about the latest edition of the Honda CR-V. While the CR-V is certainly one of the most popular crossovers, the Rogue offers a much stronger set of standard features, as well as other advantages you'll want to consider. A more versatile cabin, better tech and safety offerings and better fuel economy make the Rogue the better choice than the CR-V, which really gets by mostly on name recognition. See below how else the Rogue bests the new CR-V, then visit us near Lake Norman today.

  • The Intelligent Around View monitor system offered with the Rogue isn't available with the CR-V. This high-end system provides visual and audible alerts whenever something is close to your Rogue and presenting a possible hazard.
  • The Rogue also includes standard blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert, both of which are offered with the CR-V, but only in costlier higher trim levels.
  • You'll be better connected and have easier infotainment controls with the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration apps offered with the Rogue. Those features are only available in higher trims of the CR-V.
  • Thanks to the smart EZ Flex seating system, creating more cargo space in the Rogue is far easier and more convenient than how the fold-down seats work in the CR-V. Furthermore, you can add seating up to seven with an optional third row in the Rogue, which isn't offered with the CR-V.
  • Your dollar takes you further with the Rogue. For example, if you select the Rogue model with the optional hands-free motion-activated liftgate, your starting price is nearly $6,000 below what a similarly equipped CR-V commands.

2018 Nissan Rogue vs. 2018 Toyota RAV4 Comparison Near Lake Norman, NC

Another SUV that gets by mostly on name recognition, the RAV4 carries far more similarities with the CR-V than with the Rogue. With that in mind, it's easy to see why the Rogue is the best choice for an everyday use small SUV, offering you better fuel economy, smarter cabin arrangements and a huge advantage in terms of safety and technology. Many of the comparisons listed here are based on the starting packages of each SUV, but it's especially important to see how the higher trims of the Rogue best comparable setups of the RAV4. Take a look below before visiting us in Cornelius to test drive the Rogue and experience it for yourself.

  • Toyota has been promoting its new vehicles as coming with standard safety features. Well Nissan's rides like the new Rogue are right there, and in fact, offer better standard driver assistance functions than the RAV4. The Rogue comes standard with blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert, while you'll have to add those to the RAV4. Additionally, the Rogue includes the option for the standard moving object detection, which isn't available with the RAV4.
  • For an SUV, storage capacity is key, and the Rogue's advantage in terms of cargo space is readily apparent when you test drive both that and the RAV4. Furthermore, the Rogue can include a third row of seating to maximize your passenger capacity to seven, while the RAV4 accommodates only five in all setups.
  • Fuel prices, as you know, fluctuate regularly, but no matter how much gas costs, you'll always want to drive the more efficient vehicle. When comparing FWD setups of the Rogue and RAV4, it's no wonder the Nissan SUV sets you up for more efficient driving. The Rogue earns 33 mpg on the highway, compared to only 30 mpgs for the RAV4.
  • The Rogue carries convenience everywhere you go. For example, the tire pressure monitoring system with the easy-fill tire alert in the Rogue allows you to keep an eye on your tires and will let you know when you've hit the proper inflation point for each when you stop on your way to fill up with air. The RAV4 does not offer this layer of convenience.
  • For comfortable seating up front and in the back, the Rogue provides more head and leg room for all than what's offered in the RAV4. Choose the more spacious setup and your passengers will thank you.