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Pathfinder vs. the Honda Pilot & Toyota Highlander

Needing to seat up to seven people doesn't mean you need to give up on style and performance, at least that is what the Nissan Pathfinder believes. This SUV offers drivers a 3.5-liter V6 engine, choice of front- or four-wheel drive, and 260 horsepower, and there are many ways it can provide you with what you need for your life in the Lake Norman, Cornelius, Charlotte, and Huntersville areas. Our staff at Modern Nissan of Lake Norman want you to know what the Pathfinder can provide for you above the rest of the competition, which is why we have created this page. You will find some key facts that help you decide if the Pathfinder is the right fit for you over the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander.

Once you have read through these points, visit us for a test drive and be sure to browse our full inventory of new Nissan models to get an idea of what other vehicles are available.

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The Pathfinder vs. the Toyota Highlander in Lake Norman

  • The Pathfinder delivers up to 27 mpg highway, but the Highlander can only promise up to 25 mpg highway.
  • Four-wheel drive is available with the Pathfinder, but the Highlander only offers the option of all-wheel drive.
  • Cost is once again an object, since the Highlander requires you to drop more money than the Pathfinder for the same basic features. 

The Pathfinder vs. the Honda Pilot in Lake Norman

  • While it may be true that the Pilot offers all-wheel drive as an option, it still isn't four-wheel drive which is something the Pathfinder does have.
  • It seems as though the Pilot is available in endless trim options, while the Pathfinder knows what you want and requires you choose between only a few options. This means less time worrying over minute differences between trims and more time enjoying the features you love.
  • You will end up spending more for the Pilot than you would the Pathfinder, and if you are getting the same basic features, why waste money?