Spring Cleaning and Nissan Service go Hand in Hand

You're probably well into your spring cleaning at home around Lake Norman, raking up leaves and branches, changing out windows and the like. But spring cleaning can also mean a great time for a visit to our Nissan dealership's service center for an oil change, an inspection or maybe even getting your tires changed out. Read below to learn about our tire offerings, then visit us near Lake Norman today to see what other service work we provide for your Nissan.



Tires are obviously important to get your Nissan Altima, Rogue or Titan moving anywhere, but the kinds of service offered here in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina extend to everything routine like oil changes and wheel realignments, to brake repairs and service. If you know what your Nissan needs this spring, schedule service today and we'll get you back out on the road in no time.

Keeping up on routine maintenance during springtime or throughout the year isn't just for safety's sake, though that's important too. You'll do well to maintain the value of your Nissan, so when you eventually need an upgrade, you'll earn more back when trading in your older vehicle. But to help you save today, use one of our service specials for a helpful discount.

Service is done easier here at Modern Nissan of Lake Norman, so set up an appointment today and bring your ride in for some springtime work.

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